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Both surf and skim style boards for beginner and advanced surfers.  Top brands Phase 5, Liquid Force, Ronix, Hyperlite, Doomswell, and Brigade boards.  All wakesurf boards ship for Free within the U.S.

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$529.95 $599.99
  Ronix Koal Classic Fish Wakesurf Board - 2017 Our longest running high end surfers. Not sure if you need something loose and skatey, extra reactive, or a mellow Sunday cruise – and just want an overall fun shape? A fish profiled “fun” board with a deep swallow tail that can easily break...
$649.95 $699.99
RONIX KOAL POWERTAIL+ Wakesurfer - 2017 In wakesurfing there is a movement towards thicker profiled boards. This has a tendency to make the board ride higher on the water, have more drive up the wake, and create an easier ability to air off the lip. New for this year we took our...
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Brigade Bravo Wakesurfer The Bravo 5’0” Surf Style is designed for the big boys in mind, but also ended up being our best all around boat board. If you have riders on your boat in all different weight ranges, this will surf them all. Recommend weight range is (200-300lbs) but...
$650.00 $700.00
Brigade Echo Wakesurfer The Echo 4’6” Surf Style is a great all around boat board in the weight range of (90-175lbs). With the straight edge rails and time tested squash tail. You’ll have tons of push on this board, with the speed to bust huge airs and the control to...
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$650.00 $700.00
Brigade Stealth Wakesurfers The Stealth 4’10” Surf Style is the newest shape in the Brigade lineup and we couldn’t be more excited about this board. The Stealth weight range is (160- 230lbs). With a newly designed profile shape to stabilize the surfer, but a flat tail rocker to give it...
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$649.98 $699.98
Byerly Action Wakesurfer The new Byerly Boards Action Surfer was spawned in the Byerly R&D Lab in Melbourne Beach Florida fitting perfectly into any surf quiver. Built with our proprietary Dura-Shell Construction and EPS Core the Action is super light and very durable.
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$549.98 $599.99
Byerly Buzz Wakesurfer 2017 The Buzz was created to bridge the gap between skim and surf style boards giving you the best of both worlds. The shape was crafted by Butch to be the fastest, most maneuverable board in the Byerly surf line-up.
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$399.99 $449.99
 Byerly Speedster Wakesurfer - 2017 4.6 Durability and performance were the driving forces behind the new Speedster wakesurf series. Utilizing compression molded construction with the addition of our high-end RTM surf fin system, this new Butch Customs creation truly combines all our surf line has to offer.
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$679.95 $749.99
Hyperlite Hi-Fi Wakesurfer 2017   Hyperlite's premier Skim Style surfer is set to take the tour by storm. Wake Surf fans rejoice, Noah Flegel delivers Hyperlite's first true Skim Style shape, the Hi-Fi. Working together with shaper Aaron Stumpf they have created a fast, poppy and easy to spin shape...
$249.99 $299.99
Hyperlite Ripper Kid's Wakesurfers   Get your kids in the wave and share the thrill of Wakesurfing! Kid's Unite behind the boat, this time while Wakesurfing with Hyperlite's new Ripper. Spawned from the highly successful Gromcast the Ripper is a wood core surfer offered at a great price. The wide...
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Liquid Force Austin Keen Wakesurf Board 2018 Austin Keen’s pro model shape is a no-nonsense skim shape… Fast, clean and simple! An EPS foam core is topped with a full deck of Carbon, making this board super strong, yet very light and responsive. Although the KEEN is a true skim...
$629.95 $699.99
Liquid Force Dart Wakesurfer 2017 If you’re looking for a fast, loose, and light surf-style wake surf board, the new DART may be just the right ride for you! We took what was already a great board and made it better for 2017. The new DART comes with a wider...
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Liquid Force El Guapo Wakesurf Board 2018 The name says it all… this handsome new mini longboard is all about good looks and style. The full bodied shape and beveled rails allow for smooth effortless rides and the concave hull keeps the board humming along at a nice pace. An...
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$629.95 $749.99
Liquid Force El Guapo Wakesurfer 2017 The name says it all... this handsome new mini longboard is all about good looks and style. The full bodied shape and beveled rails allow for smooth effortless rides and the concave hull keeps the board humming along at a nice pace. An adjustable...
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$439.95 $499.99
Liquid Force Happy Pill Wakesurfer 2017   The Happy Pill will turn any frown upside down. With a full, round shape and quad fin set up, this board is stable yet snappy and maneuverable. Drive down the line and pop an air or chill and hang your toes over the...
$499.95 $599.99
Liquid Force Super Tramp Wakesurfer Dominic Lagace wanders the world in search of the next great ride, and when he finds it, he rides with a level of aggressiveness that is unmatched! His new pro model, the SUPER TRAMP can handle his power and speed yet at the same time...
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O'Brien Ally Wakesurfer The Ally is a soft-top surfer designed to catch any wave with foam rails that won’t ding the boat or break your wallet. The Ally offers an affordable board that everyone, regardless of skill level, can enjoy riding.
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$599.99 $649.99
 O'Brien Haze Wakesurfer   Thanks to its squash tail design the Haze has maximum drive and can be ridden all over the wave. The Haze is perfect for surfstyle riders looking for a fast-driving board as well as for riders who have smaller, less powerful waves produced by older boats without surf systems....
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$399.99 $439.99
O'Brien Maha Wakesurfer - 2017 A convex top deck compression molded to aggressive base channels in the tip and tail makes the Maha nimble and easy to control when riding regular or switch. Its classic Fish Tail design gets its increased drive from a little extra tail width, making the board perfect...
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$499.99 $549.99
O'Brien Tesani Wakesurfer A thin lightweight pintail with a convex top deck blends Skim style performance with Surf style construction. Giving the Tesani agile ride characteristics, incredible buoyancy, maximum drive, and nearly symmetric tip and tail profiles to make it effortless riding switch or attempting 360’s, Shove It’s, etc…
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$499.00 $549.00
Phase Five Oogle Wakesurfer  The Oogle has a forgiving smooth ride and is the best training board to learn wakesurfing on. The outline of the Oogle mimics that of a classic surf style longboard with its full round nose and long straight rail line. It has generous rocker up front...
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Phase Five AHI Wakesurfer New for 2017, we introduce the Ahi. The Ahi is hand wrapped in our all new Cudaskin™ with an inlaid carbon fiber stringer. The boxier squash tail creates a tremendous amount of pop off the wave, while the forward placement of the quad fins keep it...
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$799.00 $869.00
Phase Five Diamond Limited  The Danielo Diamond LTD delivers the amazing ride and features as the stock Danielo Diamond only we hand wrapped the LTD with our Cudaskin™. We didn’t stop there. This board is also wrapped with Technora and has an inlaid carbon fiber stringer. Do you like to...
$749.00 $824.00
Phase Five Hammerhead Wakesurfer The Hammerhead is Drew’s brainchild. Starting with a square nose and ending with a square tail, this board doesn’t care which end is in front. The squared nose allows it to stay stable and fast when riding revert. Wrapped with our Gatorskin™ technology, the tail shape...
$289.00 $318.00
Phase Five Scamp Wakesurfer The Scamp is designed with the youngest rider in mind. The wide profile makes the board very stable and still fast. The thinner core provides exceptional float yet maintains excellent rail sensitivity for the lighter rider. The tri-fin set up provides drive and locks in the...
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$929.00 $1,023.00
Phase Five Swell Wakesurfer The Swell was created by team rider Stacia Bank. It offers a leaner outline, pulled in nose and a super poppy tail. The more parallel rails increase the down the line speed, while the wide tail gives you tons of boost off the wave and helps...
$799.95 $879.99
Ronix Skate SKimmer Wakesurfer The closest we have come to making a wakeskate into a surfer. A brand spanking new hot, off the press skate influenced skimmer. A shape designed by arguably our sport’s greatest skater – Reed Hansen – creating the board feel and release he was looking for...
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$775.00 $879.99
Ronix Honeycomb Powertail Wakesurfer Our most advanced core delivers the strongest connection between water, board and rider, meets our best selling shape. A wide stable platform with a high end kick. The Powertail shape combines the stable aspects of a Longboard, the bottom turn drive of a Thruster, and the...
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