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Great deals on Boards and Boots already paired to give you perfect fitting setups.  Ronix, Liquid Force, Hyperlite and Byerly Wakeboarding Packages are perfect for getting you started on the water. 

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Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard Package 2018 Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard Details  The Angel is the ultimate woman’s board for any level of rider. If you are a beginner to advance rider, looking for a continuous rocker board with great pop, this board will help take your riding to the next...
Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard Package with Plush Boots 2017 Designed To Help You Progress! A fan favorite and people pleaser, the ANGEL has been a staple in the LF line for years! If you’re a beginner or intermediate boat rider looking for a poppy board, the ANGEL will take your...
Liquid Force Classic Wakeboard Package w/ Transit Binding 2017 An ultra-fun boat riding machine! A timeless shape that was designed for optimizing your levels of fun, the CLASSIC is extremely user friendly and forgiving. Its mellow 3-stage rocker will help you learn to launch off the wake while its Spiral...
$775.95 $869.99
Liquid Force Dose Watson Wakeboard Package w/ Form 4D Bindings Shawn has had his name and hands involved in the designs of our top selling pro model boards for 10 years and counting. He and Jimmy Redmon took characteristics from all of these amazing boards and a few features from...
Liquid Force FLX Wakeboard Package  Details FLX Board True Park Performance at a Great Value! The board’s all-wood core keeps it loose on the water and springy and responsive on rails. The Liquid Rail sidewalls and LF exclusive GRIND base make it ultra-durable and add to its lifespan. Whether it’s...
Liquid Force Fury Kids Wakeboard Package The Fury is all about helping kids progress and improve their riding. As they grow, the boards grow with them. The 115 has mellow continuous rocker with a soft edge, the 120 features an aggressive continuous rocker with a subtle sharpness to the edge,...
Liquid Force Harley Classic Wakeboard Package w/ TAO Boots The HARLEY CLASSIC is a fast, yet predictable boat-riding machine. This board will help you progress and learn new tricks all throughout your riding season. A mellow 3-stage rocker will provide the consistent pop you need off the wake. Ride with confidence...
$775.95 $849.99
Liquid Force Melissa Wakeboard Package - 2017 Melissa doesn’t have a type of riding that she enjoys more than the other, so she needs a board that can handle it all. From the boat, to the park, to winching and whatever else is out there, Melissa charges all of it...
$699.95 $799.99
Liquid Force Next Wakeboard Package with Lite 4D Bindings If you’re looking for speed and quickness in a boat board you’re going to love the fiery pop and responsiveness that Bob Soven’s NEXT board brings to the lake! The innovative ash veneer/PU core removes weight and keeps the board extra...
Liquid Force Omega Grind Wakeboard Package The Omega is a tried and true classic shape that continues to impress. Equipped with an ultra-durable Grind Base, this board can take a beating and come back for more. The Omega’s smooth, forgiving feel and durability make it an unmatched entry level all...
$699.95 $729.99
   Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard Package with Harley Boot - 2017 The Remedy is designed to take Harley straight up the wake and to the top of the podium and it does just that with an aggressive 3 stage rocker and venture hull. The Split-Tip shape and thinner profile allows...
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$775.95 $870.99
Liquid Force Dose Shane Wakeboard Package with Lite 4D Boots -2017 Shane has been riding for LF for over 20 years and during that time he has ridden almost every type of board in every type of condition. Rather than carrying a “quiver” with him on his travels, he prefers...
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Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard Package - 2018 This truly is the board for every type of rider. The continuous rocker provides smooth edging and predictable kick off the wake. Molded-in side fins track and hold with minimal drag while the variable edge offers the extra friendliness while learning new tricks....
Liquid Force Vamp Cable Park Wakeboard Package "AWESOME BOARD FOR ANY SKILL LEVEL, SOFT LANDINGS, HAS FLEX AND IS A GREAT ALL ROUND BOARD."... ANGELIKA SCHRIBER The Vamp is an all new women’s specific addition to our park series. The Liquid Rails and Grind Base technology provide a solid, durable...
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$729.95 $849.99
Ronix Bill Wakeboard Package Bill Wakeboard Our best-selling blend of boat and park over the past several years got a major overhaul for enhanced cable performance.  The only true continuous rocker in our range was created for faster/smoother takes offs from the wake, and longer sessions at the park.  We...
$349.95 $429.99
Hyperlite JIMMY LARICHE SIGNATURE MODEL Keep the party rocking with the Hyperlite Franchise. Insane pop and features packed into a do everything deck. Jimmy LaRiche keeps the party rocking on his Hyperlite Pro Model the Franchise, an innovative shape that anyone can strap into and feel at home on. The...
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$499.95 $809.98
Ronix Code 21 Wakeboard A freeride turning aquatic device, mixed with our most explosive 3 stage snap. The Code 22 has a slightly more aggressive kick to it’s 3-stage colleague, the One board. Created for the rider looking for mellow smooth arcing turns and a supercharged kick off the wake....
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$329.95 $429.99
 Krush Women's Wakeboard Package A hot off the press new shape with a thinner profile for reduced swing weight in the air, and more contact/feel with the water. Along with a new rockerline that naturally puts you underneath the board in a more centered position. The innovative new Vault recognizes...
$499.95 $649.99
Hyperlite Marek Wakeboard Packages RUSTY MALINOSKI SIGNATURE MODEL Rusty's OG Shape, built on speed, response & pop. Designing a shape to carry the Marek name was a process that took months of development. Beginning with the overall volume of the board, now reduced by 15%, the Hyperlite Marek is lighter...
$399.95 $499.99
Byerly Agenda Wakeboard Package The new Agenda was created from the ARI, incorporating the features that made it a top seller. The lighter overall construction makes it the perfect fit for a first time slasher or advanced shredder. Every shape in the Byerly line is marked with Shaped by Scott...
$379.95 $499.99
Ronix Krush Women's Wakeboard Package Wakeboarding is the only board sport where your shoulders and hips are not always parallel with each other. This innovative Krush recognizes that your body is crossed up riding toeside, and more inline riding heelside, and every design aspect of this board takes this into...
$419.95 $669.98
Ronix Vault Wakeboard Packages A hot off the press new shape with a thinner profile for reduced swing weight in the air, and more contact/feel with the water. Along with a new rockerline that naturally puts you underneath the board in a more centered position. The innovative new Vault recognizes...
$599.95 $749.99
Ronix Limelight Women's Wakeboard Package Limelight ATR Wakeboard What would happen if we took our 2 hottest features and threw them in a blender? The combination of camber and the speed of our One board created the Limelight by Dallas Friday. Our most advanced boat riding board to date. Now...
$629.95 $779.99
Ronix Parks Wakeboard Package with Parks Modello Board and Frank Bindings  Based off of the same shape as the Parks Air Core – just at a more affordable value, and a faster response time alternative to our other camber series the Space Blanket. This new shape has more top water...
$599.99 $649.99
Byerly BP Wakeboard Package with Clutch Close Toe Boots Brenton Priestley brought his creativity into the shaping room designing his BP to be super responsive & poppy behind the boat or at the cable. Utilizing Butch's Carbon Composite Stringer construction the BP can take a beating.
Out of stock
 Hyperlite State 2.0 Entry Wakeboard Package Advancing your skills quicker with advanced shape technology. A complete entry level deck. Creating a shape to take riders' skills to the next level was the goal behind the new State 2.0. Learning from other asymmetrical designs, we found that creating a shorter but...
$549.95 $599.99
Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard Package w/ Team Bindings - 2017 Shaun's favorite, shaped from 20 years of Wakeboard passion. Shaun Murray is releasing his 20th Pro Model edition in Hyperlite's 25th anniversary season, simply named; The Murray. Countless hours on the water have lead Shaun to this shape and the feedback...
$379.95 $429.99
Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard Package with Focus Bindings Keep the party rocking with the Franchise. Insane pop and features packed into a do everything deck. Jimmy LaRiche keeps the party rocking on his Hyperlite Pro Model the Franchise, an innovative shape that anyone can strap into and feel at home on....


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