Liquid Force Edge Mega Wave

by Liquid Force

Large Wake Shaper To Increase Your Wake

With an 85% bigger face than the WSE Pro, the MEGA creates the biggest wake for larger boats. The patented concave water channeling surface displaces water and increases the length of the wake and keeps it incredibly clean.

The MEGA WSE is made from super durable non-corrosive material and has strong suction cup attachments that won’t damage gel coat or leave markings on your boat. IT FLOATS! No need to worry about your investment sinking to the bottom. To make the most of the MEGA WSE, your boat should be 22’ or longer, have a 325hp engine or greater, and a ballast system.

Largest Face On a Wake Shaper

For maximum wave height!

It Floats

No reason to worry about your wave making investment sinking to the bottom of the lake like some other brand’s models.

Pushes water in a manner that increases the length of the wave and keeps it super clean!

Long lasting, and won’t rust or stain your boat.

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