Vonzipper Speedtuck Sunglasses with ANSI Lens

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Vonzipper Speedtuck Sunglasses with ANSI Lens

Story: Wanna go fast like there ain't no tomorrow fast? 1. Move your weight forward and make yourself as small as possible. 2. Put your arms behind your back. 3. Gulp down a deep breath and send it in the Speedtuck....
Specs: VonZipper Speedtuck sunglasses are handmade in Italy; the frame is crafted from nylon grilamid for maximum flexibility and held together with corrosion free Pop N' Lock cam hinges. The base 6 spherical impact resistant polycarbonate lenses will protect your eyes with 100% UV protection.
RGNS System: Here’s where the rubber hits the road. If you wanna RIP, have lots of GRIP, with NO SLIP, our RGNS system features rubber nose pads and temple tips.
Ether Collection: The Ether Collection is a full frontal assault on frames being technical without losing design creativity and edge

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