Ronix Vision Front Zip CGA Life Vest - Lime (50-90 LBS)



Ronix Vision Youth Life Vests

Ronix Vision Life Vests offer comfortable materials so your junior ripper will be able to enjoy the ride.  This Coast Guard Approved Vest is sure to keep them safe and noticed with the bright neon colors. 


  1. Fleece Collar -The pacifier of grom life jackets. The little ones don’t necessarily always love wearing their vests. But a cozy fleece neckline can help them find that blanky happy place.

  2. Water Resistant Liner - You know that annoying face you make when you have to try on your buddy’s wet life jacket? Not no more. We created a liner that greatly reduces water seeping into a jacket, and most importantly the weird face. 

  3. Two Way Stretch Neoprene -A material that moves East/West when you do.

  4. 2 Buckles, 1 Zip Closure

  5. Coast Guard Approved

  6. Youth 50 - 90 lbs


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