Ronix Space Blanket ATR Wakeboard 2016

by Ronix
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 Ronix Space Blanket Wakeboard

A new next generation line of camber boards with one goal - increased glide speed. The Space Blanket has over 20% less resistance with the water and increased glide speed than last years Bandwagon - proving that there is nothing slow about camber. For a rider that wants all of the benefits of that unique neutrally balanced camber riding style and the stability of a big board, that rides small - without comprising speed and resistance with the water.

ATR Construction - A bulletproof layup process complete with 8 different fins to fine-tune your boat or cable riding needs.





G&R Channels

4 Alloy 1.0” Ramp Fins & .8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins

Erik Ruck & Shota Tezuka Pro Model

SIZE (cm) AREA (Sq Inches) HEIGHT (Inches) CAMBER (ANGLE/ARC) STANCE (6 In Board/Plate) CENTER (Inches) WEIGHT RANGE(Lbs)
133 810 2.4 9.8 /Blended 22-26 16.7 Up to 180lbs
137 839 2.5 9.8/ Blended 23-27 16.9 170lbs. and Up
141 870 2.6 9.8/ Blended 24-28 17 175lbs and Up

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