Ronix 2016 Bill ATR "S" Edition Wakeboard

by Ronix
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Ronix Bill Wakeboard

The Ronix Bill Wakeboard is the only continuous rocker shape in our range created for faster/smoother takes offs, and longer rope lengths in mind. Now comes with 1 new ingredient - Speed Walls. The board with the least amount of resistance in our range - now has even less strain on your body. Extend your boat or cable session with this all around high glide speed new shape.


ATR “S” Construction - A diamond configuration glass layup that offers a softer tip/tail for more feel on rails while still keeping a conventional layup in the belly. Also offering a stored energy feel behind the boat where the power drives thru the tail of the board creating more of a snowboard style take off the wake.




Continuous Rocker


G&R Technology

4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & *.8” Fiberglass Free Agent Fins

Designed by Bill – Ridden by Adam Errington

SIZE (cm) AREA (Sq Inches) HEIGHT (Inches) ROCKER (Inches) STANCE (6 In Board/Plate) CENTER (Inches) WEIGHT RANGE(Lbs)
130 749 2.3 10.5/ Blended 21-25 16.5 Up to 160 lbs.
135 780 2.4 10.5 / Blended 22-26 16.6 Up to 175 lbs.
140 824 2.5 10.5/ Blended 23-27 16.8 170 lbs. and up
145 853 2.6 10.5 / Blended 24-28 16.9 175 lbs. and Up

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