Radar VAPOR Reversible Life Vest

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Radar VAPOR Reversible Life Vest

In our second rendition of our “never flat” model, foam has been re-segmented and redistributed for a more athletic form. The secret is in the 5-panel design, which adds specific side panels for rib protection and more even foam distribution. Follow the letter of the law and feel like you’re in something that’s breaking the rules!



  • Custom Tailored Fitted Vest
  • Multi-color Flash Ink
  • Fills More Voids Than Ever Before
  • Cylindrical Construction
  • Asymmetrical Segmentation
  • Water Resistant Liner
  • Glide Skin
  • Two Way Stretch Neoprene
  • For Longer Torsos
  • 2 Buckles / 1 Zip Closure
  • Coast Guard Approved

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