Radar Control Water Ski Rope & Arc Handle

by Radar
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Radar Water Ski Rope and Handle Packages


What would it be like to do pull-ups if the bar you were pulling on could roll in your hand? Doesn’t sound very enticing, does it? Skiing with a conventional handle without BarLock is doing just that- rolling out of your hand. BarLock eliminates the rope twisting around the ends of the bar while you are pulling, essentially giving you a sturdier grip and additional strength.

This is all possible by a special rope tying method that is so utterly complex we leave it up to experts for assembly. Trust us. This makes for an immediately better ski ride. You’re guaranteed to notice the difference!

Key Features:

-Control 13″  Arc Handle -Control  Team, 13″ Arc Handle -Full length finger protectors -64-Strand 8-Section Mainline for durability -Pre-Stretched -Assorted Colors

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