O'Brien Haze V3 Wakesurf Board 2020

by O'Brien
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Even on smaller waves

The Haze V3 generates an incredible amount of push and speed on any wave – making it the perfect board for effortless, smooth style. Whether you are just getting into riding or are ripping airs, this stable platform will give you the confidence to push your surfing further. With all the forward drive you’ll generate from its thruster fin setup, the Haze V3 will have you racing down the line and taking to the skies with ease.

Rider Profile: Surfer desiring a wide, floaty board to cruise in style… even on smaller waves
Construction: Hand laid epoxy with Vector Net


Provides a high level of break and buckle resistance while maintaining a natural and lively flex pattern.


Using larger fins and a rounder rail, these boards have a surf inspired feel with their flowy turns, powerful hacks, lightning speed, and ability to boost big airs.

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