Alpha Skim-Style Wakesurf Board 2020

by Mission

Skim-style surfer the Alpha is a true, all-around ripper that’s perfect for both skilled surfers and anyone looking to take their riding to the next level. Its relaxed, skim-style shape straightens out the rails and delivers more contact with the wave surface to give you more grip, drive, and speed to set up your next trick.

ALPHA wakesurf board features:

  • Perfect for surfers at every skill level
  • Comes with 1"x7” and 2"x7” fins to dial-in your riding style
  • Unique rail setup for more traction at the nose, more control at the tail
  • Carbon fiber top deck and rails, glass bottom


ALPHA combines precision and power to create a versatile, high-performance surf platform that’s perfect for both hardcore shredders and weekend warriors.


ALPHA’s carbon fiber top deck and rails make it super rigid for a snappy feel while keeping the weight down to make recovering from spins, jumps, and advanced tricks smoother. The polished glass bottom makes slashing through the water feel effortless. Plus, it’s all wrapped around super-strong EPS core to make ALPHA as light as possible.


Sporting an oval shape with a wider nose and tail section, ALPHA helps you generate more speed and drive without sacrificing the control or maneuverability needed to throw down the gnarliest tricks.


ALPHA is tuned with a hard setup that gives you tons of acceleration when you want it and releases when you need it. The hard edges help the board release from the water surface, making it easier to spin and increasing the responsiveness to put you in control.


ALPHA comes with interchangeable 1x7” and 2x7” fiberglass fins to help you dial in your riding style. Use the 1x7” fin for basic straight-line tracking that’s easy to release for spins and tricks. Or, switch it up with the 2x7” fin for more stability, straight-line tracking, blistering speed, and deeper carves.


ALPHA is designed to handle the regular use (and occasional abuse) of surfing behind your boat all year long. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated with extra care in and around the boat.

- Always keep your board protected in a cover or case like a board sock to prevent minor dings and scratches, and protect it from harmful UV rays which can cause excessive fading and delamination.

- Never leave your board in direct sunlight or a hot location, like your car trunk or boat locker, when not in use. This can cause bubbling and delamination.

- Never put your board in a clamp-style board rack. This can cause large pressure dings on the bottom of the board

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