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Top Reef Sandals

What are the Best Selling and Rated Reef Sandals?

The first one should come at no surprise the Reef Fanning is the King of all Reef Styles.  You can buy Reef Fannings in many different styles as Reef has expanded the line to many offerings.  Here are a few of the most popular Fanning styles

  • Fannings Low Sandals
  • Fanning Leather Sandals
  • Fanning Regular Men's and Women's 
  • Fanning Printed and Limited Edition 

Next, the Reef Rover is the original Reef Sandal with the extra comfort for your feet.  You can also shop this sandal and find multiple styles and colorways.  Check out these Reef Rover Sandals

  • Reef Rover Leather
  • Rover Original
  • Slammed Rover
  • Rover Men's and Women's 

Reef Rover sandals

Last we have two styles that go neck and neck.  The Reef Phantoms and Reef Cushion Bounce.  These casual flip flops are priced right and fit great.  The Cushion Reef Sandal sales have been on the rise because of the ultimate comfort they provide and the reputation Reef has for making outstanding footwear.  Reef Phantoms have been around the block and keep coming back year after year as a top seller because they are just solid sandals.  

You can see everything Reef has at 88 Gear Sports.  

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