Reef Sandals at launch board sports and 88 Gear Water Sports

Reef Sandals Your Feet Will Thank You

Sandals You Won't Want To Take Off

Start your summer right with the right pair of Sandals.  Comfortable and durable Reef makes multiple styles that will have you walking around with a smile.          Reef Sandals are functional and stylish making them a perfect choice for anyone looking for a casual pair of sandals.  The Reef Fanning is one of the most popular choices and has a hidden bottle opener so you are never parched.  One of the most comfortable pairs the Reef Cushion Bounce Phantom is like nothing you have ever experienced.  The base of the sandal is one of the most comfortable you will own.  You can also find cool boat shoes that work like sandals.  They are called the Reef deckhand 3 shoes.  Wear them without or with socks and either slip them on or tie them.  They are a function and comfortable casual shoe perfect for summer.

You can shop Reef Sandals online at Launch Board Sports or  88 Gear Water Sports.  Be sure to pick up your favorite wake gear and summer clothing before you head out. 

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